Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pictures Hot off the Cambrian Press!

I figure it's probably a good idea to own at least one "first edition" product from your own store. I really like how my Canadaspis Perfecta design turned out, so not too long ago I decided to snap the first one up, before someone else decided to. So I put in my order, along with some other stuff as gifts for my family

I have to say that all in all, I couldn't be much more pleased with the result! Not only is the sweatshirt high-quality, but the design in sharp, and the colour is vibrant. It's been through the wash, to no ill effect, as well.

Anyways, I figured that some of you might be interested to see evidence of the physical products, so, through the miracle of "teh interwebs," there it is to the left! Very cool, very cool indeed!

In other fossil news, Discover Magazine published it's 100 top science stories of 2007 issue, and bagging the #10 spot, was an article named "T. Rex Time Machine." The article talks about Mary Schweitzer's work sequencing proteins preserved in T. Rex soft tissue. Said proteins turned out to be extremely similar to modern chickens.

But the T. Rex protein isn't the real breakthrough, but the fact that soft tissue was preserved over around 68 million years. Conventional wisdom for the past, well, forever, has told us that soft tissue does not survive the fossilization proccess. Who's willing to bet that, now we know to look, we start finding all sorts of cool stuff?

Another article, #57, dealt with research into the classic dinosaur death pose, controversial, because some claim that only death in, well, a great flood would produce the pose. Cynthia Marshall Faux has suggested that the pose may be a result of opisthotonos, which apparently is caused by injury to the cerebellum. Apparently this has been observed in modern birds, so why not dinosaurs as well?

There were several other interesting tidbits for the paleo-minded, but you'll just have to buy the magazine to find out the rest!

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