Friday, September 7, 2007

More on Drumheller...

Hi fossil fans,

I mentioned the Royal Tyrrell Museum, in Drumheller AB, in my last post, and today I read an interesting story in relation to Drumheller. Go ahead and read it for yourself at .

The article talks about the new expansion and renewal of the museum (which I saw, and it's awsome), as well as the rich fossil deposits of the area. The Drumheller area is known for dinosaur fossils, and only a few hours away, the Burgess Shale area is home to one of the most spectacular deposits of Cambrian period fossils in the world.

As an aside to that, and actually on the topic of trilobite clothing, I am basing my "Cambrian Collection" on species found in the burgess shale. That isn't to say that the species are exclusive to that deposit, but they were present there.

that's all for now!

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Laura said...

Just discovered your Cafepress Store! I am very tempted by so many Trilobites and Cambrian beasties. May have to poke the credit card wealding boyfriend when my birthday comes round.

Still, if you're planning on expanding your Cambrian Collection, can I put in a good word for Wiwaxia, who is my favourite? I have a plastic one, but wearing it on a T-shirt would be much cooler.