Saturday, March 8, 2008

Announcing... Avian Evolution!

Hey Fossil Fans,

I actually meant to add this to the end of Part 3 of the avian evolution series, but I couldn't bear to make the post even longer. The idea for this one came while writing the series, and is based partly on the famous human evolution design. But you'll notice that the dinosaurs seem pretty keen on squabbling with each other. In fact, the little bird at the end seems a little ticked off about the whole thing, and is averting his eyes. Check out the design at Trilobite Clothing.


Stephen Simmonds said...


Great design.

I don't know whether or not it's phylogenetically accurate, but you have to get the point across without too much subtlety.

I had a thought for a design. The message reads "Thank heavens for K-T", with a meteor crashing down around some dinosaurs. I don't think many would make the connection between the meteor and the existence of religion, but humans _do_ have to be thankful for it. :)

Another one: "You think you're a what?" - says the hippo to the whale. Could also have a lizard saying that to a tuatara. Too cryptic for most, perhaps.

Trilobite said...

Thanks for the comment!

You're right that it is not really accurate. Utahraptor did not descend from T.Rex, as Deinonychus didn't descend from Utahraptor, etc. But I needed fairly reconizable shapes, or not enough people would "get" it.

I like your design ideas, BTW!