Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trilobites and Me...

Hey Fossil Fans,

For those of you who are perhaps not as enamoured with trilobites as I am, it may seem odd that I run a blog and a clothing store about a creature that went extinct several million years ago. Well, I think it's really several things.

The first thing to understand is that I'm a paleontology nut in general, and I have been since a very young age. A lot of your probably wanted to be a movie star, or an astronaut, or something like that when you were young. For me, the first career I ever wanted was paleontology. Ironically, that's not really were I'm headed in life, but the fascination has remained.

So I'm a fossil nut in general, but what got me zoomed in on trilobites? Well, a few things. I had started Trilobite Clothing before I became really interested in Trilobites. I was checking out the features of, and I needed a logo and a name for my store. I have absolutely no memory of why I chose the trilobite as my mascot. I'd always thought trilobites were cool, but maybe it was a deep subconcious longing that lead me to the name Trilobite Clothing.

Anyways, after setting up a free Cafepress store, I abandoned it for over a year, as I simplyy couldn't get my head around the marketing of it. Anyways, during the summer of 2007, I visited the Royal Tyrrel Museum in Drumheller Alberta. Everything in the Museum is stunning, but the most impressive thing I saw was a new display of stunning trilobite specimens, mainly from Morocco. This really got me interested, and as I evolved quickly into a rabid trilobite fan, I remembered my old store, Trilobite Clothing, just sitting there, ready to go.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Just as a note though, I marvel quite frequently at the level to which my love of trilobites is connected to my store. Running the store keeps me connected with like-minded people, and up on the latest news. You wouldn't really think that a business would define a person so much, but in my case, it has.

Long live the Trilobite!


The Flying Trilobite said...

Long live the Trilobite!

The one in my blogiversary pic this weekend is from Morocco.

The Tyrrell is one of the best places on Earth.

Your designs are always delightfully graphic (in the design sense). It'd be nice to pick them up in Canadian museums.

Trilobite said...

Morrocan trilobites are awsome!

For now, let us just say that schemes do existin terms of museums... they do indeed. We'll see if anything comes of said schemes.