Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Trouble with the Internet...

... is that no matter what you do, someone has done it before you, and done it better. This is a followup to my Megalosaurus post from yesterday. Firstly, I have a youtube video. This video, "Tribute to Megalosaurus," shows a lot more reconstructions than I did, even including some I was never able to find online. It's a cool vid, and is a nice expansion on the points I made in my post.

Next, I should probably mention that me and Brian over at Laelaps seem to think in a similar way. He was posting about avian evolution at the same time as my three-part post, and right after I did my bit on Megalosaurus, I found out he'd been blogging about it too.

His post goes over some of the problems with the Megalosaurus genus, rising from the fact that Megalosaurus is only known by a few bone fragments. Give it a look at Laelaps, cool stuff!

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