Monday, March 10, 2008

A Special Announcement!

Hey Fossil Fans,

As most of you know all too well, I run Trilobite Clothing, over at I like to put in a plug for myself every once in a while on my blog. In fact, you may have noticed that the very URL I chose is a plug for my store.

But tonight I am unveiling a project I've been working on for some time. It is being unveiled here before anywhere else, the online equivalent of a world premiere!

Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased to announce, the "Making News" campaign!

A few months ago, I got in touch with Roger Smith, the owner of, a really wonderful webzine, that features all the latest and greatest Paleontology news. Roger runs Dinosaurnews completely nonprofit, and I started wondering what I could do to help. We started throwing around the idea of a fundraiser, to help support Dinosaurnews, and help it to reach an even broader audience.

Thus, "Making News" was born. I designed the logo you see above, which is meant to reflect the exciting pace of new discoveries in the field of Paleontology. Profits from the articles of clothing in the Making News section will be donated to!

So why not pick up a high quality shirt, and help of spread the news? And if you support the cause, why not post about it in your blog? Together, we can raise awareness about paleontology!

What are you waiting for? Visit


Anonymous said...

See Here

The Flying Trilobite said...

Excellent logo, man. Your artwork is top-notch.

That needed to be said.